Monday, 10 November 2014

Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes

Male stereotypes:
Men are obsessed with sex.
Men are seen to be physically fit.

Stereotypes of men in the media:
The Joker who is someone that will be able to make a group of people laugh with ease, could be seen as a mask of masculinity.
The Jock is a man that is very athletic, physically fit and is popular, they are seen to show no emotion and is the person men want to be and women want to be with.
The Strong Silent Type is seen  to be in charge of everything, is decisive, and that talking about their emotions is a sign of weakness.
The Big Shot is shown by his personal status, owning items that society thinks are valuable, has got a job that pays well, encouraging the stereotype of men being economically and socially successful.
The Action Hero is known to be strong and gets what he wants, often is found to be angry and seems  to show no emotion, suggests that he is brave and not scared of anything.
The Buffoon is seen to try and do the correct thing but might mess up, commonly seen as a father figure, has good intentions and is light hearted.

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