Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Representation of Disablilty

Driving Technology for the Disabled Disability - Stereotypes
Vulnerable - Can't defend themselves as easily
Incapable - Can't work
Unintelligent - Disability holds them back
Unattractive - Not seen as normal humans
Lonely - People don't like what they see
Marginalised - Seen as less of a human, insignificant

File:Season 2 - Walt Jr 3.jpg
Disability in TV Drama
Walt Jr - Breaking Bad - Cerebral Palsy
Artie - Glee - Wheelchair
Layla - Tracy Beaker - Cerebral Palsy
JJ - Skins - Autism and Panic Attacks
Becky - Glee - Down Syndrome
Tony - Skins - Brain Damage

Disability in Film
Forrest Gump
My Name id Sam
My Left Foot
The Ringer
Sky Kids
Of Mice and Men
Rain Man
Born on the 4th July
The Green Mile
My Sister's Keeper
Fight Club
Donnie Darko
The Kings Speech

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