Monday, 10 November 2014

Spooks Ethnicity

Danny: Does not conform with the black stereotypical, as he speaks the Queen's English.
He is less powerful than the terrorist as he is tied to a chair, does not agree the black stereotype of being intimidating.
Danny is not scared of the terrorist as he stands up for what is right, this shows he is brave which does agree with the black stereotype.
He links himself to the aggressor.
He's the better man as he distracts the gun man by getting his attention away from the woman, makes himself the focus,

Mise en scene:
Dark room with nothing in, only light is coming from through the windows, has a very tense atmosphere.
Gun mans associate in the background dressed stereotypically to a hit man as he is dressed in all black wearing a ski mask.
The lady looks like she is dirty which suggests that she has been captured by the gun man for a period of time which agrees with a terrorist stereotype.

Islamic call to prayer - eerie
Tense - Black vs Arab (Ideological differences)
Spanish guitar suggests otherness - not British

Lots of cuts - editing highlights the bravery of Danny (shows he is strong willed) and the evil of the gun man (untrustworthy/evil)
Crying white man on the phone gets some screen time as it shows binary opposites.

Shaky - nervous effect
Low angle - looks up at the gun man sows he has the power.
Close-ups - Danny shows the determination and the emotion on his face.
Close-up - Gun man's gun shows that he is nervous as it is shaking.

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