Thursday, 27 November 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel Task 3


5 secrets to the film's success.

  1. The UK Secret Cinema did a performance of Grand Budapest Hotel called 'Budapest' this is different as normally this group perform classic films and Fox SearchLight toured a small scale of the hotel form theatres from Hollywood to Berlin.
  2. Some of the props used, such as the moustache wax and bow ties, and the books called the 'The Society of the Crossed Keys' are being sold.
  3. They put out recipes to create the cakes in the film 'Mendels', the video of this went viral and people were sending in their creations of this.
  4. Due to the success of 'Moonrise Kingdom' on 2012 Anderson has now got fans that are significantly younger than his intended audience.
  5. The film got a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this was only beaten by 'Moonrise Kindom' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and critics say "We don't see the ceiling yet".

How did Anderson use the QE2 to market the film?
Anderson used the QE2 to show a special screening of the film to guests who were on the cruise ship from New York to London.
What connects Prada to the marketing of this film?
A Prada store in Berlin collaborated with Anderson for the opening of the film Grand Budapest Hotel by decorating their store with little pictures or props from the film which created a 1920's/30's look.

How the plot was revealed:
Through this website small hints are given away to what happens in the film, such as the travel visa that Zero has as he is traveling on the train, there are many more throughout the website.

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