Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Representation of disability in TV drama

Mise en scene:
Alex's clothes are brown and he is wearing jeans, the store he is in is bright colours that have connotations for Christmas, this could be to show that Alex's disability makes him different from the rest of society.


At the beginning of the scene Alex is shown to be looked down by the camera by the use a high angle shot, as this presents him as being smaller and insignificant. When Alex is talking to the lady in the shop the camera is looking up at the lady from Alex's point of view, this could suggest that the lady is above Alex as he is disabled and his brother is shown at the same angle as the lady, this is to show that they have more power than Alex. When Alex and his brother are shown in the mirror, his brother is shown in the centre of the shot with Alex on the edge, this could suggest that Alex is less important which links to the stereotype of people with disabilities being marginalised.

The Christmas music is diegetic sound, it could be there to show contrast to Alex's bad mood.

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