Monday, 10 November 2014

Regional Identity

  • Accents - The Scottish seem to have a very strong accent making them hard to understand.
  • Location/ setting - When Scotland is shown on TV or films it will be shown in the run down parts where a lot of vandalism and attack happen, in Edinburgh or Glasgow showing all of the architecture and the civilised places or the country side will be shown as it is tranquil.
  • Slang - Bonnie means beautiful, wee is small, tatties is potatoes
  • Clothes - The Scottish wear kilts, tartan, tam hats, and glengarry hats
  • Pastimes - Alcoholics, farmers
  • Attitudes/ behaviour - Violent
  • Stereotypes - All Scottish play the bagpipes, wear kilts, eat haggis, are alcoholics, are red heads, and wear tartan.
  • Reality - Most Scottish people do not have a very strong accent as it quite easy to understand, most of Scotland is tranquil and calming although some of it is run down, not all Scottish people wear tartan kilts or are red heads, also they are not all violent alcoholics.
  • Accents - Very strong accents making it hard to understand them
  • Location/ setting - Council streets, littered, unclean, gloomy
  • Slang - Bins - spectacles or sunglasses, down the banks - give grief, and jarg - fake
  • Clothes - Tracksuit, skimpy outfits
  • Pastimes - Miners
  • Attitudes/ behaviour - Angry, alcoholics,
  • Stereotypes - All the people from Liverpool are violent people that wear tracksuits and are living on council streets.
  • Reality - The accents can be quite difficult to understand although not everyone's is, there are some parts of Liverpool that are nice and clean, and not everyone wears tracksuits or are angry, violent alcoholics.
  • Accents - String accents making it hard to understand them
  • Location/ setting - Council areas, littered, unclean, tranquil, clean, breath-taking scenery
  • Slang - Howay man is exhortation or encouragement can be positive or negative, wey-aye, man means yes
  • Clothes- Skimpy outfits on the 18-25 year old women, vests
  • Pastimes - Violent, angry
  • Attitudes/ behaviour Violent, angry
  • Stereotypes - Strong accents, living on benefits on a council estate, wearing inappropriate clothing that are violent.
  • Reality - The accent is strong and is sometimes difficult to understand, there are nice clean places to visit, only in some parts of Newcastle are there inappropriate clothes being worn, they aren't all violent and angry

  • Accents - Strong, not difficult to understand
  • Location/ setting - Country side, farming
  • Slang - Gaffer - boss, courin' - going out with, 'ow do? - how do you do?
  • Clothes - Flat caps, wellingtons, plaid shirts, jeans
  • Pastimes - Farmers, family people
  • Attitudesbehaviour - Kind although can be quite harsh if people go on their land.
  • Stereotypes - They all sound like farmers and are farmers, it is all country side, everyone wears the same just in different colours, they are all family and are very nice unless you get on the wrong side of them.
  • Reality - The accent is not very difficult to understand, there is a lot of country side but there are towns and cities, they are not all farmers and therefore do not dress like farmers, some are very family based as it is important.

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