Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Gaze

Throughout the music video it shows multiple times women in bikinis performing moves associated with orgasms and intimacy. The woman that is shown the most throughout the music video, is not there because she is a singer, she is there because the artists or the person that chose what goes in the scene has chosen her as she is attractive and because she will be seen as a sexual object by the audience watching this video.

After seconds the audience is shown a glimpse of a woman in a bikini showing her body whilst looking through a jungle like set, this is who the video is mainly shot about as she is what most men are attracted to. By this woman not wearing much clothing, the audience are supposed to look at her as an object instead of a person, as this then has the male audience intrigued.

At 1 minute 10 seconds the woman is shown to be looking back at the camera down the lens, this suggest that she could be looking at the audience enticing them or creating a relationship between the audience and her. As she looks back, background seems to be romantic as there are candles on the wall and it seems to be dark, which creates a sexual atmosphere between the audience and her.

In these scenes the woman in the green is shown placed on her own whilst dancing seductively to get the audience to concentrate on her as the song plays, this suggests that she is only supposed to be there because she is attractive as she plays no part in the story of the song. In the scene where the two women are showing up against a pole wearing clothes that are revealing and seem to be performing a sort of seductive pole dance. One of the dancers pulls her swimsuit out but then lets it go, this suggests that she is teasing the audience

 In these scenes the woman that was previously dressed in green is now shown to be in a princess Jasmine from Aladdin, it shows her in the minimum amount of clothing that would be allowed. In the scenes in the bedroom it is showing multiple women in their lingerie, and two women go into the bedroom with a man. The lighting in this scene suggests some sort of sensual mood lighting as they are in the bedroom and it is quite dark.

Throughout the final scenes, at the party there does not seem to be many men there, mainly women, this suggests that song is directed at the male population. Also within the video there does not seem to be any men in it except for the artists, this suggests that the artists wanted women to be there for the purpose of being attractive and to be seen as objects instead of people. When in the room smoking there are woman in not much clothing suggesting that they are objects, also  they seem to be surrounding one man.

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