Monday, 6 October 2014

World War Z


Pre Production
- is the film an original idea, a remake, a sequal or an adaptation (or a combination)?

World War Z is an original film
who is the director?  
Marc Forster, he has directed film such as 'Machine Gun Preacher' this is not the same as World War Z as it did not have a large budget or the correct qualities to be counted as a blockbuster.
which studio(s) are making the film? 
Paramount Pictures are one of the companies that produced The Avengers, they were founded in 1912 under the name Famous Players Film Company but then in 1914 they changed to Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures is owned by Viacom (Video & Audio Communications) which is an American global mass media company. Skydance Productions also produced this film. Skydance is a film and television production company inside of Paramount Pictures therefore is owned by Paramount Pictures. Skydance was founded in 2010 by David Ellison.
- what size budget did it have? 

The budget was $190,000,000, although when the film was green lit the budget was $150,000,000 until the producers realised that it would not cover. 
- which 'stars' signed up to be in the film?

Brad Pitt is the only actor that is classed as an 'a-list' celebrity, this is why the film is classed as a blockbuster.
- how long did it take from 'green light' to filming commencing
20th June 2011 - 4th November 2011

- where was it 'filmed'

UK England Scotland Wales, Malta, Hungary, USA
- how was it filmed (3D, 2D, CGI)?

2D and some CGI was used
- any problems it faced
The film producers did not notify Hungarian authorities that they were shipping guns there, the charges were dropped on 10th February 2012.

Post Production
- does it rely on special effects?

World War Z does not rely on special effects although it does use it, as the zombies need make-up to look realistic, the costumes for everyone involved, and some of the sets will have used CGI and set designers.
- what sort of special effects are used?

Computer Generated Imaging, make-up, costumes, set design
- was 3D added AFTER filming?

- did it require any RE SHOOTS

October 2012 - 3 December 2012

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