Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Representation of Skins

Representation of characters:

Tony represents the stereotypical rebellious teenager, this is shown by the way he disobeys his father although does overcome this stereotype by helping his sister get into the house, after a night out, without their parents noticing. The audience could think that he is narcissistic by the way he seems to be posing in the mirror after doing his workout. In the opening scene Tony is shown awake in his bed although it does not seem like he has been to sleep as the cover is neat and he is lying in the centre of the bed with his eyes wide open. The bed cover shows a naked man laying face down and a woman facing up, Tony is shown lying in between them, this could suggest that he is sexually confused, although this is cleared up by him gazing across the street at the naked woman, also a shadow is cast over half of Tony's face this could suggest that Tony is lonely. When Tony wakes up and gets the clothes out of his draw his clothes are very neatly folded and some of his shirts are hanging up as of they were in a store, this could suggest that Tony has obsessive compulsive disorder. Tony is shown to be polite to his mother but then passive aggressive towards his father, this suggests that Tony is showing himself as the alpha male of the house. The posters around Tony's room are of old Italian films such as 'Blow Up' by Antonioni and '8 1/2' by Federico Fellini, these are not the types of films that a stereotypical teenager watches. When Tony is in the bathroom he is shown to be reading a book called Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre, this suggests that Tony is intelligent as it is not the stereotypical teenagers book.
The diegetic sound during the opening scenes is Tony and his family, this shows that his family are quite close although it does not look like  he has a good relationship with his father. The music Tony plays when his sister is trying to get into the house suggest that Tony likes the Heavy Metal/Rock music, this does not play a role in the stereotypical teenagers life and does  not match what Tony's room looks like, as his room is cream and it is shown to be neat.
The non-diegetic sounds are at the beginning before Tony turns on the stereo on, the music playing is R'N'B which shows that Tony is into the newer fashions.
In the later scenes when Tony rings up his friends, he is seen as the ring leader of the group as he is making the plans and gets everyone to join in. Tony's friends are introduced at the beginning of the first episode as they are a big part of Tony's life as they share the time on the screen, although Tony does get the majority of screen time as he is the main character. All of Tony's friends are from different social groups such as, Anwar is Muslim and Max is Gay, this suggests that Tony has a variety of friends and does not judge people on what religion or sexuality they are.

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